The Top Golf Cart Upgrade Ideas

This golf cart video is geared toward people who use golf carts in retirement or beach communities, but the package also includes upgrades for off-road driving. Stock golf carts do not have headlights. You can add packages that provide headlights only or those that include headlights, taillights, turn signals, and horns to make the cart street-legal.
Another nice option is a windshield for use on cold or rainy days. These flip down when not needed.

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Adding rear seats is a third option to take a few more passengers. These can also flip down to reveal a cargo bed for hauling groceries, coolers, or anything else that needs to go from here to there.
Two more options relate to each other: adding a lift kit and new wheels. Lift kits raise the cart’s bed from one to five inches, allowing you to use larger wheels. These are key if you want to go off-road and need more clearance and more rugged tires. Saving the best for last, you can replace standard acid batteries with lithium. The lithium battery requires less space and increases your power output. Your golf cart upgrade combination will take you further, and it may even increase your top speed.

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