Essential Camping Supplies

Anyone going camping needs a core set of items that may be considered essential camping supplies, but the specific set of items depends on the type of camping you plan. For example, the size and type of tent or cooking supplies you need are dramatically different if you are car camping in a state park with an installed grill versus hiking ten miles into a national forest carrying all your supplies in a backpack. The length of your trip also makes a difference, as does whether you are camping with others with whom you can share certain supplies.

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The essential camping supplies are a tent, ground cloth, and sleeping bag. Pillows and sheets are optional. Next is a medical kit with bandages, disinfectants, tweezers, and medications. Sunscreen and bug spray are required during warmer weather as well. A stove, fuel, cooking pans, mess kit, dish soap, and a scrubbing pad are always needed, as is the food you plan to eat or prepare.

Other indispensable camping supplies include a waterproof bag for items that should not get wet, including matches or a fire-starting tool, and fire-starting fuel for moist conditions. Finally, your toiletries, including toilet paper and the proper combination of hats, gloves, and other clothing suitable for unexpected variations in weather wherever you plan to be, are always essential camping supplies.

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