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Why Sunday Creek?

Nothing is probably more serene, more attractive to the naturalist wanting to explore, the adventurer seeking calm and the families aiming to bond than a quiet time by the creek. Yes, it’s a small body of water, probably not enough to explore. But the gentle sound of its streaming water could lead you to a tributary, possibly forming with other creeks to merge as rivers, where the possibilities for discoveries lay abundant.

At Sunday Creek, we like to think of our magazine is just that — your way of exploring more of the great outdoors.

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What You’ll Find on Sunday Creek

Our editorial team, all adventurers and amateur naturalists, collect their experiences and knowledge to bring you engaging content about the great outdoors.

We write for the outdoor hobbyists who are frequent visitors to national forests and parks, wild rivers, biking and offroading spots. We write for nature lovers who believe in the stewardship of nature, striving to leave as little footprint as possible. And we write for families who seek to find commonality and create lasting memories in the great outdoors, from traditional camping trips to exhilarating cross-country adventures.

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Exploration Ideas, Outdoor Education

Sunday Creek features more than usual how-tos and guides to enjoying the outdoors. Because one of our goals is to teach everyone about taking care of nature, you’ll find educational articles about preserving our natural resources.

We’ll feature destinations that help you learn more about conservation, activities that teach your kids about taking care of the great outdoors and explore more concepts that inspire appreciation for nature.

Explore our pages today. And then get yourself outdoors.

Our Explorers

Anna Harper

Anna Harper is a freelance writer and editor who’s a native of the Buckeye State. She loves to hike, run and climb. And when she’s not doing any of those things, Anna’s photographing the great outdoors.

Erin Callaghan

Erin is a filmmaker in Alaska, focusing on documenting the natural world. The mother of two cross-country skis, hikes, knits and when she has time, volunteers at a local animal shelter.

Wes Kirkland

Wes lives and works in Oregon with his wife and Bullet, their pitbull. He and his wife are intrepid travelers, driving their geeked-up trailer across the country. They love exploring the backwoods, learning survival skills and taking care of every spot they visit.

Nothing is probably more serene, more attractive to the naturalist wanting to explore...

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